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We are excited to present the new COACH-LITE program!

Cost: $179 per participant
Includes: Attribute Index (online) and 3 Coaching Sessions (via telephone)

Description: Through the Attribute Index (AI) assessment, report and debrief you will gain an understanding of your inherent strengths and weaknesses related to how you make important decisions in your professional and personal life. This awareness will enable you to affect the changes you need to make in order to achieve your goals and to generate extraordinary, sustainable results.

The AI can help determine decision making styles and help determine the “best fit” for a job, career, various organizational roles, as well as personal & professional success plans.

The coaching sessions are structured around whatever YOU want to discuss, whatever roadblocks you want to overcome to achieve your goals and accelerate your success. The first session will be one hour and the two remaining sessions will be 30 minutes each.

Our approach is unique in that we measure where an individual is now and what his or her essential elements are, and those can become predictors of future strengths. By understanding the way in which we think, it becomes possible to leverage that knowledge to make better decisions, maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses, and achieve greater successes in whatever we do.

Target Audience: The COACH-LITE program is perfect for:

  • People in career transition
  • Executives
  • Employees/Managers/Supervisors/Teams
  • People looking for better work-life balance
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Young adults
  • Sales people
  • Politicians
  • Teachers
  • People interested in self-development
  • Someone struggling with a goal
  • People who want more success



“The Attribute Index is a great tool I would recommend for all leaders/managers of any organization. Not only is the assessment accurate, but it allows you the opportunity to see what your biggest areas of opportunity are as a leader/manager. The assessment also helped me to understand areas where I excel so that I can utilize those talents to most effectively help my team.” – M. Asher, Banking Industry Executive

"I loved going through AI. It amazed me that so much information could come out of tasks that didn’t take long to complete, or give one anxiety – and the information was 'bang on target'. I’ve continued to enjoy spending time going through the information to help plan my goals and to further develop my skills. What I really loved about AI was that it didn’t put me into a personality box – and it allows me to choose what “I” want to work on; the options are marvellous. I don’t have any qualms or problems recommending AI to anyone, and Doc Shellie is great to work with!"
– Laurie Christie, Director of diversity&development

If you are a business or organization who would like to put a team through any of our processes,
we are more than happy to work with you on making that happen!

We have plenty of other programs, topics and workshops too, so if you have a need, we should talk!
Please contact us at 313.384.4475 or via email
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